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Sodium Nitrite for Controlling Feral Hogs

How effective is sodium nitrite for controlling feral hog populations? That is the questions researcher in Texas are trying to figure out right now. Wild hogs are highly destructive and and highly prolific — a recipe for increased disaster anywhere these animals are found. Researchers know that sodium nitrite is very good at killing pigs. […]

Hog Hunting in Arkansas: In Review

It looks like the hunting of feral hogs in Arkansas is under review. Apparently, hog hunting was semi-banned on Commission-owned property by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) recently. Now, however, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Director Jeff Crow proposed a temporary reversal of regulations prohibiting the take of feral hogs. If the hog […]

Hog Hunting Tip: Do it the Right Way!

There was not always hogs or hog hunting in North America. Hogs were brought over by Spanish explorers as a food source. These visitors let hogs roam free-range and would slaughter them as necessary. However, some of these domesticated hogs wondered off, creating a feral breeding population, and thus feral hogs were born. Now, shooting […]

Best Broadhead for Hog Hunting

Anyone that has shot any number of hogs knows that feral hogs are tough critters. Big hogs can be tough enough to take down with a high caliber rifle, much less crossbow or even a bow and arrow. But, it can be done. In fact, I’ve done it numerous times. And let me tell you, […]

Helicopter Hog Hunting in Texas

Texas hunters have been hog hunting for decades, but the feral hog population has continued to rise. Now, hunters too will be going up—up in the air! Yep, Texas’ feral hog population will now have to contend with helicopter hog hunting in Texas. In an all-out attempt to liberalize the take of wild pigs, the […]

Killed in Texas?

There is an email making it’s way around the world regarding a giant huge hog killed in Texas. And although hog hunting in Texas is good because of the uncontrollable spread of feral hogs across the state, I’m confident that there are not any wild hogs in Texas that are THAT big. I’ve received a […]

Know Your Wild Hogs

Wild hogs, commonly referred to as feral hogs, are simple creatures. The key to hog hunting is to think like a hog. But before doing that, let’s learn a bit more about these clever critters. First, hogs are not native to North America. The first true pigs were brought to the United States by Hernando […]

Feral Hog Hunting Heads to the Sky!

Feral hogs do a number on wildlife through habitat destruction and food competition with native animals. In addition to upland rooting, hogs make a mess of waterways through soil disturbance and hunters look for sign of these activities when out hog hunting. And if rooting up fields and destroying property is not enough, the wild […]

Hog Hunting at Mad Island WMA

It can be tough for many hunters to find a place to hunt. I know this first hand having grown up in the country, but now living in the city. It’s just not as easy as it used to be to get outdoors and go hog hunting. But for those without land—or on a budget—some […]