Baiting for Hog Trapping

Pre-Baiting for Hog Trapping Success

When it comes to trapping wild hogs, pre-baiting is important! Not only does it get hogs used to going into the traps, but it allows you to catch more hogs each time you set the trap. Start by feeding outside and through the gate opening of the trap. Pre-bait for at least a week after feral hogs have been feeding into the trap. Once you are ready to set the trap, bait all the way back to the trigger but do not scatter bait directly along the trip wire as this may cause the hogs to trigger the gate before they reach the bait hole and all hogs present may not be captured.

Also, distribute the bait back toward the bait hole, but not right along the guy wire leading to the gate. If hogs will come to corn, that is probably the easiest bait to use. However, if natural foods are abundant then trapping success may be limited until times get hard. However, fermented corn and other grains appeal to the feral hog’s sense of smell and may be better baits if normal corn does not work for you.

Hog Bait Recipes

Bacon Makin’ Mix:

  • 40-50 gallon metal trash can with lid
  • 150 pounds of corn
  • 8 pounds of sugar
  • 1 packet of yeast

Optional hog bait add ins: 4-5 packets of grape, strawberry or raspberry flavored Jello. Place corn in trash can, fill and maintain can with water 3 to 4 inches above the corn. Mix in all other ingredients and place trash can in the sun with lid on. Stir with a shovel or paddle daily for 10-14 days. Don’t spill the “finished” product on your clothes. Trust me on this one!

Other Hog Bait Options:

  • Corn fermented in beer
  • Used fish grease/peanut oil and corn
  • Bread fermented in water
  • Spoiled produce (no onions!)
  • Dry dog food
  • Ripe fruit (bananas or plums)

Tip: “Freshen” other hog baits by spraying every other day with a strawberry gelatin/water mix in a pump-up sprayer.

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