Hog Trap Design – Corral Type

Hog traps that are larger increase your chances of catching the most hogs at one time as compared to the smaller box traps. Small box traps can only hold a few hogs, and the small confined space may mean that “smart” or trap-shy hogs avoid the trap altogether, so hog trap design is important! An effective open-style trap (corral trap) can be constructed using cattle panels and t-post. This design allows for many feral hogs to be captured at once, and this is the big advantage of hog trapping versus hog hunting. Trapping allows for many animals to be removed with minimal time in the field.

Using welded (cattle) panels that are 16 to 20 feet long with 4 inch by 4 inch squares, setup the trap in the area where hog damage is occurring. T-post should be placed out every 4 linear feet along the panel so that the trap will have stable, solid support. Also, ensure that you do not have gaps along the bottom where wild hogs might escape. They will exploit ANY weakness they find!

This hog trap design is effective, yet portable since the entire trap can be dismantled and moved to another area where hogs are actively feeding. Another key point to remember: Set the trap in a “tear drop” type shape where the gate is located in the narrow or funnel area. This will help when loading captured live hogs because a trailer can be backed up to the gate for loading, then hogs can be pushed down the “funnel” and loaded. This corral type trap can be built or dismantled by a single person in a relatively short period of time, assuming you have your door design completed and ready to install before hand.

In addition, avoid having any corners in the trap design as feral hogs will tend to pile into any corner. When this happens, some hogs will climb and may escape over the top of the trap. The area inside the trap can be open field, short or tall grass, or even consists of moderately thick brush. Because panels can be erected around anything, even having some vegetation near and inside the trap will help camouflage the trap and make the hogs less wary. This panel trap is an effective hog trapping design and will compliment your hog hunting activities perfectly!

2 thoughts on “Hog Trap Design – Corral Type

  1. Ken Davis

    Looking for a good plan for a hog door design. Wanting to put together a trap in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Richard J

    There is nothing more important than door design when it comes to trapping hogs. And not just having the door close, but be effective at allowing the animals to feel comfortable enough to go in. More often than not, once the door shuts, additional hogs are not going into the trap.

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