Texas Sized 420 Pound Hog

Been hunting him for over 3 years now. Have spent many nights in a tri-pod with him coming down wind and staying 10 yards in the brush grunting.

Made a stalk at 10 PM on Friday and got to within 30 yards, shot him on the run and found him the next morning, he didn’t go 50 yards. The hardest part was loading him up to take to the processor, drug him on that tin back to my barn then my neighbor showed up and we borrowed his trailer and he loaded it with his chain hoist he had on his truck. Took him to rust and they said it’s the biggest wild hog they’ve seen. Killed him at my place in cisco.

I took him there to get him weighed and his head cut off.

They did give it to a family that was in need.

His diet was mainly deer protein anyways, so I’m sure he’s gonna taste better than your average “big nasty pig”

Thanks for the compliments, I’m just glad I finally got him.

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